No sound in the hi-fi but it is in the headphones

Hi, When I connect this cable raspberry to my hifi technics has no sound. It is silent and with pops and a sound of a short circuit. I use this cable to connect a laptop with HiFi and everything works fine. I will add that when the headphones are connected to the raspberry pi the sound is. Is it the fault of osmc settings? I chose the settings “HDMI and analog” but it does not work.

That sounds weird!

Only ideas I have to this

  • the case of the Pi prevents the jack to get fully inserted
  • try again with having set Kodi’s sound volume muted/set to 0 and carefully increase the volume
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That cable is a 3 pole for stereo sound only.
The (later) RPi models use a 4 pole jack to connect, so there is the possibility of all sorts of problem with mismatched connectors.

Ok, but the headphones they play have the same minijack like this laptop-hi-fi cable that does not play. so what’s the difference? ; (

Impossible to say without more information.
Might be how the connections are made, what depth the jack can be inserted …
Also, you haven’t mentioned which hardware you are using - original RPi with separate audio and video jacks or later RPi with one integrated audio and video jack.

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jack was not put in full, my mistake. thanks for the suggestions