No sound playing video file


I’m wanting to play some MKV video files. I am able to select the video file and play it, there is video, but no audio! Very frustrating… I am able to play the files no problem through my PS3.

I enabled logging while trying to play the file, the log can be found here:

Does anyone know what the problem is and how I can fix it?


  1. Do you hear GUI sounds (navigation)?
  2. Have you unmuted OSMC?
  3. What is your adudio setting under “settings -> system -> audio” in terms of “Audio output device”, “output configuration” and “Allow Passthrough”
  4. Provide Mediainfo of the file you try to play

Please see the mediainfo section in How to submit a useful support request - General - OSMC

Hi @fzinken, thanks for responding.

  1. Yes I hear GUI sounds (Navigation)

  2. OSMC is not muted.

  3. Audio settings are:
    Audio Output Device = Pi:HDMI
    Allow Passthrough = Off

  4. The mediainfo of the file can be found here:

Two initial observations:

  1. You appear to be playing mpeg2s without a hardware codec - I’m surprised it works.
  2. The mediainfo is for S01E20.mkv but in the log you appear to be playing S01E20.mkv_transcoded_to.mpg. Can you clarify?

It’s a bit difficult to see what’s going on. Better in future if you could reboot, just try to play one problem file then get the logs.

PS: this guy had to enable stereo upmix for a stereo audio track. Don’t know why but worth a try. After upgrade to Kodi17 AC3 stereo doesnt play

Apologies I should have mentioned this from the start, but didn’t think it was important. I am streaming the video from my PC to OSMC using Universal Media Server and UPnP. As a result I think that there may be some transcoding going on with Universal Media Server making the file available to OSMC…

I am away from home at the moment, but expect to be back this weekend, I can try enabling stereo upmix to see whether it has any impact…

About the mediainfo of mkv:
Nothings to strange… it’s a normal x264 codec for video and AC3 for audio.
It’s also use High@3.1 for profile encoder and it’s the best for compatibility also on “old” device.

Normally the Pi2 and Pi3 can reproduce this file whitout any problems… i can suggest to try to reproduce it from a usb device connect directly to Pi2 and not by a network sharing service and see what’s append.

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