No sound unless hotplugging

Hello all

My first post here! And my first Raspberry Pi - 2 Model B.

I’ve just started here. I wanted to configure it as a media centre so I installed OSMC. The Pi is connected to my monitor via HDMI, then the monitor decodes audio and feed it via analogue to a mixer.

No sound. Eventually realised that sound works but only if I unplug and re-plug the HDMI cable while playing. If I then go and select another clip, I have no sound again.

I have searched online and tried all the options in the config.txt: hdmi_drive=2 and =4, hdmi_force=hotplug=1 etc.
Also tried dumping the EDID, amending it (it seems it only allows for 6ch LPCM) and activating it via hdmi_edid_file=1.
Nothing. Sound works only when HDMI cable is unplugged and replugged.

Here is my EDID: Dropbox - Error

Could anybody help me please?

Oh, yes, I could feed the sound directly to the mixer via analogue but my PS3 works this way and I’d like the Pi to do the same.

Thank you!!

Edit: let me add that this is when running OSMC. Under Raspbian I couldn’t have any sound regardless - but didn’t try too hard. Under OSMC I get sound with default settings - but only when hotplugging during a video.

Broken link

Any different with omxplayer enabled in video/acceleration settings?

Apologies for the broken link!

I’ll try the omxplayer and report back - EDIT: enabled omxplayer but no changes.

Thanks for your help guys, appreciated!

Can you test with another source that supports passthrough? Perhaps kodi on windows.

my PS3 does work fine via HDMI, does that help?