No streams opening

Hi I’m running OSMC on my Raspberry PI. I use to run Raspbmc fine and I had been running OSMC fine but in the last couple of weeks I’ve come up against some problems.

Streaming from my own network is fine but when I stream from any of my add-ons the actually stream won’t open. I can navigate the menus to the content I want to stream but when i click the link to what i want to watch the load box comes up, loads for a little while then disappears then nothing else happens, no content and no error message either. i thought this could be an single add on problem at first but I have the same problem on different add ons.

Any ideas?

There is no way possible to understand what is going on without debug logs created while demonstrating the problem.

If these addons are one of the “less than reputable” sources of Movies / TV Shows it’s very likely that either your ISP blocks the servers or the servers are overloaded. If this is the case it’s not something we can provide any support for here.