No support for faulty Vero4K+

Support request was made 2021-04-08 10:03:41 (Ticket #594913) after unit arrived DOA. Last response from Sam in ticket system was same day, with promise to “get this solved for you promptly” but nothing since. The first email response from was Sam yesterday, after multiple attempts to contact, with no reference to the open ticket, and another promise to “check this for you shortly and give you a response tomorrow” , but again - no follow up. Either the support ticket system is broken, or there no care for paying customers. Buyer beware!

Hi Tom - I’ve processed an RMA for you today. I didn’t have a chance to do this yesterday.

Unfortunately, we are not able to provide 24/7 support via the support system.

It seems like you’ve used a couple of different email addresses and reported various stages of your problem across multiple tickets, so I am catching up on that to make sure I have all of the details now.

Edit: I’ve checked this because 8 days for a response doesn’t sound right at all. It looks like you have some issues with email delivery, and we only got a different ticket from your other email more recently (yesterday).

You may wish to reply directly on the Support page to avoid issues.

Sorry to say Sam - same here, waiting for a response for 14 days now. Several e-mails sent - no response. Also a faulty Vero4K+.

This should not be the case. I can see that you received a response 14 days ago.

I have re-sent the message to you asking how to reproduce an issue with the device, as we were able to run it without issues.

Unfortunately we can’t provide support for third party add-ons not installing however, and this wouldn’t make the device faulty or be covered under a warranty.

If you still haven’t got my messages, please let me know.

Sorry Sam, but I sent you on the 4th of April 4 messages with an explanation and several attachments. After that no more response. On the 12th of April another message asking if there was any news, no response. And on the 14th of April another message, again no response.
Not until I posted here and wrote a PM, did I receive an email which included a response that was supposed to be sent earlier, no indication when that response was supposed to have been sent.

That’s not the case. You can see the response dates in portal or via email.

Do keep in mind that when a message is re-sent, the sent date is updated in the support portal.

Are you saying that you are still not receiving messages?

If so, you may prefer to reply directly on the support page or continue to discuss via PM.

I can see that you are receiving messages – at least from the fact that you are responding.

I don’t want to be pedantic here but show me your first response date after the 2nd of April. Both in the portal and in email your first response after the 2nd of April is today 18 april. I’ve sent you a pdf with the printout of the portal … no messages after 2nd of April until today 18 april.

Thanks. I’ll investigate that and send you details from my side too.

There would definitely have been a gap at one point of five days, because I remember starting a test on your device (Live TV as you reported some issues there) on a Thursday and sending a follow up after a Tuesday when it was still playing without issue.

But there is no track of this follow-up anywhere?

Just an update to my situation: I’m now getting some support via email - trying different scenarios and submitting logs each time. I’ll cross my fingers, and add to this post when I get a resolution either way.

Hi Tom – will chase this up tomorrow (Monday). Good to know your device isn’t DOA.

@jeroentuinstra – I understand the issue is now resolved. We’re not able to support piracy. There wasn’t an issue with your device, apart from it running out of memory when loading your IPTV playlist. This isn’t a hardware issue itself – the device simply does not have enough memory to support 8,000 channels + EPG. As there aren’t any legal providers with such a large offering – it’s not something that we can assist with.

Despite owning the device for a few months, we agreed to refund your order minus the shipping costs as the item was out of the return period and no fault was found

Thanks for your understanding


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@sam_nazarko Sorry but your response is not fair nor accurate.

  1. On numerous occasions I have indicated that I didn’t have 8000 channels, you keep repeating this false number. Please be accurate. In all my correspondence I have said that it was substantially lower and also that you don’t know what my arrangements are. The channels I have are from several legal sources, combined together by TV Mosaic server on my nas. It seemed you needed an excuse to not have to deal with me any further, because further investigation was stopped, no explanation why I wasn’t able to reinstall OSMC and no explanation why all other devices (Raspberry Pi4b, PC with libreelec) were not crashing with the same setup.

  2. The add-in (TVMosaic) is a legal add-in, so it is wrong to state that you are “supporting piracy”. If this was the case, you would not be able to give any support to anyone. With your assumption about my “illegal” iptv sources, I am surprised that you give support to people with libraries full of TV series and movies - “as there are no legal providers with such large offering”.

  3. Despite owning it for several months, I have not been able to use it a single day. Also support was dragged out - you had the player for a month in your possession, it took a month before it was offered to return the player (at my own cost).

  4. Last point - I had to post here, in public, in order to get a response and a status update. I sent you on the 2nd of April several emails, no response. I sent you on the 12th of April, no response. Again on the 16th of April - no response. 18th of april, after posting here publicly, a response. And then you claimed to have responded on Tuesday (the 6th of April??) and you state: “I’ll investigate that and send you details from my side too.” Never received any details, no apology that my emails were ignored. All the while the player was in your possession. More than 14 days from 2nd till the 18th - no response or update - no proof that you did respond on the 6th of April no apology. And then within a couple of days the cause is blamed on the IPTV add-in - no further investigation and I have to be grateful that I received my money back.

I understand that you have personally invested a lot in this player and I can see the passion you have for this player, but take complaints and customer support serious and don’t rebuff them like you did with me.


Unfortunately your logs showed that you were using an IPTV provider which provided a playlist of several thousand channels.

I explained clearly that Kodi was crashing in your logs because it was running out of memory. While we can’t provide assistance for pirate services, I did make the following suggestions to improve things:

  • You could reduce the number of EPG days loaded
  • You could reduce the number of channels you were using. I am sure that you would not use all of those channels
  • You could enable a swap file (but this is not recommended).

Your PC and Raspberry Pi 4 may have more RAM, and be less susceptible to OOM; but with 8,000 channels, I suspect this will happen eventually.

This is a fallacy. Google Chrome is a legal browser, but it could be used to access copyrighted material.

The IPTV add-on is supported; but we don’t provide specific provider support and it was explained that the solution you are using, providing so many channels, cannot be legal. If it was – I’m sure that big cable companies and dish companies would be out of business, and I’m sure other users on the forum would want to here where you can get what seems to be every channel on the planet from a single provider over the Internet.

Part of these delays were because we repeatedly asked how to reproduce a problem with the device, and ran playback tests for a number of days. When checking logs again and after you provided further information, it became apparent that Kodi was crashing when the IPTV add-on was using too much memory due to the size of your playlist.

Rest assured, if a fault had been found, we would have refunded your return shipping costs.

The responses should be visible in the ticketing system. I haven’t investigated this further as you have returned the product now for a refund and other users are not reporting issues with email deliverability, so it could be localised.

As your issue and @sangster_tom’s is now resolved, I will close this thread, particularly given the nature of the issue and our policy towards providing support for accessing copyrighted material.


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