No thumbnail extracting available on raspberry pi 2

I can’t enable thumbnail extracting on osmc alpha 4 and raspberry pi 2. there is no item in the settings (although on my kodi running oin win8.1 there is one) and even enabling in guisettings.xml does not help - it gets reverted to false automatically :frowning:
I know, it is problematic because of needed cpu power, but I can wait till the thumbnails in directory get created.
Some idea how could i enable this?
Thanks, Ludek.

This has been fixed in the source tree, but needs a new build of OSMC.

Will be in the next build.

Just can’t wait for the “new build” :blush:

The option is STILL MISSING in the RC!
I idiot spent so much time updating to RC and it brought… null. nothing. ZERO. :sob:

So you’ve entered settings, set “settings level” to “expert” and gone to video/file lists and enabled “extract video information from files” and “extract thumbnails from video files”?

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No, I did not. I use czech version and there are apparently just 3 settings levels available, not 4. But then I played a little with the settings and languages and discovered, that there are in fact really 4 levels - both the “advanced” and “expert” have the name “Pokročilé”… Same names for different level of settings :-/ With the right one “Pokročilé” the setting appears and can be switched - and also works! Stupid translations…

You can submit improved translations. See:

sorry… removed…