No volume amplification with latest update

I updated today (Rasp Pi) and ever since then the “Volume Amplification” does not work when playing a video. It lets you move the slider but it has no impact on the volume. I have tried on several apps and also rebooted but problem persists. How do I rollback to previous version?

Do you have passthrough enabled?

no I don’t. I haven’t changed any settings from before the update.

As a test… I made a completely fresh install with the latest image available via the installer (Jan 2106). All worked fine including volume amplification. Next I performed an update using ‘my osmc’ and now on the latest update volume amplification does not work at all. So I’m pretty sure it’s a software issue, I just don’t know whether it’s a kodi or osmc’ issue.

Same issue here, on both of my OSMC builds on original raspberry pi 500mb… My pi2 build works fine.

I still have this issue with the latest version of OSMC for RPI1. Have tried it on 2 PIs and have the same problem. As well as volume amplification not working the audio offset function doesn’t work either. If I install the previous (Jan) OSMC then everything works as it should.

By the looks of this thread I am not the only person with the issue. Can anything be done about it Sam?

This post (updated only 3hrs ago) didn’t catch your eye?

Hi. Just read that post and don’t see how it helps. I don’t use that analogue audio out, I use the HDMI as I did before. No change. The only change is the latest update of OSMC that has left volume amplification and audio offset not working.