No wired connection on Vero 4k

Can someone please help me to re-establish my wired network connection with my Vero 4k? I can’t confirm that it is related to the September update but I am unable to connect to it since installing this update.

You’re not giving ppl much to go on. What are the symptoms? Can you connect with a manual IP address?


Sorry to hear you are having issues, but we are going to need some more details to help resolve:

Is the vero4k directly connected to router or does it connect via switch or network over the mains plugs?
Have you tried restarting the router or vero4k?
What does the network section of MyOMSC showing? Are you using static or dhcp?

Are you are able to establish a wifi connection, so you can upload some logs; as should give us more idea of whats going on.

Thanks Tom.

Sorry everyone, I’m really quite a noob when it comes to this type of stuff. I was hardwired directly to the wireless router / modem prior to the update without any issues. I have since connected my laptop to same Cat 5e cable and can connect to the network. I am also able to connect the Vero 4k to the wireless network. I don’t have the slightest idea how to upload a log file. Please for my ignorance.


Details of providing a log, can be found here:

Thanks Tom.

I do get a Network unhandled exception caught when trying to toggle the Enable Adapter on and off and get hung up on a stop job is running for connman connection service when trying to reboot the Vero 4k. I have to unplug the Vero 4k to resume a full reboot.

Thanks Tom. I will read up on the procedure and provide a log file tomorrow. Family will be here shortly for Thanksgiving dinner. Comes early here in Canada.

Did you suffer power loss? Your system might be corrupted and need a reinstallation

Enjoy your dinner.