Not able to install OSMC on NFS

i have some trouble to install OSM on NFS server

here are my exposts

install done without error but on boot i got bad smile bootloop

here are log

could you help me to troubleshoot?



We need grab-logs -A (capital A).

ok sory
here a log

Is this a copy/paste?

It should be no_root_squash

Remove insecure. It’s not necessary.

Non it ils not a copy paste paramètre on exports bas right syntaxe.

Well, perhaps you could copy/paste it here.

Nothing stands out. You have no system journal, which is a significant problem but it’s not clear why not.

I also see that your NFS partition is 100% full. Try to free some space and see if that helps.

As you can see partition has 5go free i think it is enouth for raspi :wink:

i got lots of error when i run command grab-logs -A.

when ssh to osmc it complaint about /etc/sudoers: Permission denied

probably hint about the issue

here are extract of exports:


Which NFS server are you using ?
Are you using a system with proper ACLs? Can you show your exports?

I use a Mybooklive nas from WD. Exports already given previously:

ls -l on nas for osmc folder:
drwxr-xr-x 22 root root 65536 Mar 29 12:32 osmc

In complement DataVolume is a partition in EXT4 format

Any advice to solve my issue?

Not without proper logs, no.

Try an NFS export from a Linux system if you are able.

You are right installed OSMC on ubuntu share and it works properly. Now i need to dig on MyBookLive device to see what goes wrong.