Not booting after latest update

Tried installing the new update tonight. When the box rebooted after the install it went to the frowny face, then rebooted, then frowny face again, then rebooted again… I let it do this about 10 times before unplugging the box and plugging it back in.

This did not change anything and it’s doing the never ending frowny face and reboot cycle again. When I go to the command line the frowny face pops up before I can even finish entering the login info…

Everything was fine before this update. I am using a Pi 3 for my box.

Please help!

Did you read the banner message that is pinned to the top of this very forum?

Sorry, did not see that.

I read it but the issue is that I cannot finish entering anything in the command line before the sad face pops up and interrupts what I’m doing.

Use SSH.

Thanks! Sorry for the noob question