Not connecting to windows server (SMB) shares

The answer might be somewhere else but i cant find it –
I have windows 8 with several folders shared on the network
I have a win7 laptop that can see the shares
I have a raspbmc installation running newest kodi, I can’t ssh into it, but it does connect to the library but does not show the sources (network folders) in the files category but that is fine as it plays everything smoothly
I have another pi running osmc (it was running kodi but i was hoping this unit would fix itself but it hasn’t) - I can ssh into it, but it does connect to library, but it won’t play files it says file not available. It also does not see the files shared on the network.
I can’t figure out why neither one will see the SMB shares on the network or why one works and the other doesnt, any suggestions?

Almost certainly a file permissions issue on the source. Providing a debug log would indicate exactly what the issue is.