Not seeing full screen

I have a Vero 4K connected to an HD Ready screen i.e. 1080i and when I go into settings I’m not seeing the full screen. It is as if I’m only seeing 90% of the screen. So all the options on the left are missing the first few characters and I can’t see what the options are set to on the right. I can see the beginning of a circle but can’t see if the option is on or off.

What have a done wrong? The display is set to full screen.


Is there an option on the screen itself to set no overscan? If not you will have to use the calibration settings in System->Display. Set the settings level (bottom left) to Expert if you can’t see a calibration option.

Whats the make and model?

I finally worked out what was wrong. I had set the zoom level to +4 thinking that would just increase the font size of the wording. I find it hard to read the text on the screen. I did that ages ago and forgot about it. But obviously is just increases the zoom level of the entire screen. I can’t think why anyone would ever want that?

Is there a way of increasing the text size without increasing everything else?

Needs to be done manually and depends on the Skin.
But I hardly wonder that the default OSMC skin the text being to small other than in areas as the plot description maybe

Are you wanting everything larger or just Subtitles? The Subtitles can be made larger in Settings>Player>Language>Size. In the same section there are options for background color and opacity which will allow for setting a constant contrast for the subs. If you have issues with reading text in the UI in general and are using the OSMC skin you may want to try Estuary which has a higher contrast which aids in readability for people with visual impairments.

I’m not interested in subtitles at all. When I browse files I cannot read the file names on the TV from my seat. When I go into settings I can’t read what the text says so I don’t what the options mean. In Youtube I can’t read what any of the videos are. In fact to do just about anything I have to get up and go right up to the TV.