Not seeing thumbnails, images on other osmc installs

So I did a fresh install on a pi2. cleaned out mysql db’s before installing. New dbs were created and i imported my library to the first device. Everything went great.

Did a second fresh install on another pi2. copied over the advancedsettings.xml and sources.xml from the first device to the second and did a reboot. It added the movies and tv shows icon to the homescreen and it sees and plays the videos fine but it’s not loading any of the thumbnails or backgrounds on the second device.

What am i missing?

It needs to refresh the thumbnail cache. There is a python script that does it. I think you can just delete the existing cache to achieve the same thing, but you should confirm that. The kodi wiki has more details.

I wish this were the case. There seems to be a “stub” titled “Manually refreshing or regenerating thumbnails”, but that’s the closest I can find.

If anyone knows how to force a full update (preferably without wiping out the existing thumbnails), I’d really appreciate the information. I have a remote Rasberry Pi user who shares my MySQL database but has a lot of problems with thumbnails, even though every one of my video files has associated .tbn, .jpg and -poster.jpg files.

Milhouse’s is what you want.

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