Notifications queue up and wait for activity before displaying?

In the last couple of months, I’ve noticed that my Kodi Pis are hanging on to notifications and waiting until the interface is active (when the cursor is moved and brought out of the dimmed screen) before displaying all the messages it’s received. Is there a way to disable that, and have it display all messages as they come in, whether idle or not?

It’s annoying to sit down and to watch an anticipated show and have to put up with hundreds of messages continuously popping up on the corner of the screen for 45 minutes because Sonarr downloaded and post processed a 12 season series.

This would be a sonar issue. You should ask in their support forums or dig around in sonar notification settings.

Sonarr sends the messages, but Kodi/OSMC is what’s hanging onto them until Kodi is active.

I don’t remember ever running across any setting to change this specific behavior. I doubt there is a solution other than disabling the screensaver or modifying the notification settings, if there is any, in the add-on that is generating them.