October update LG OLED

I just want to put up a huge thanks for this latest update.
I have been struggling with the HDR 4K side of things for a couple of months.
I had tried all the known possible solutions but still had issues with banding.

My goto test is the Columbia opening credits (found on Peter Rabbit) - the columbia logo and the opening of the movie have a blue sky background and this has always shown the banding pretty bad.

Following the October upgrade - its now 100% resolved.
Tested a few other movies and they look incredible now.

A million thanks for all your efforts - I can finally now enjoy the Vero.


Glad to hear this

Good to hear. Can you confirm the model of your TV? It seems not all LG OLEDs were created equal. Also, are you using any special HDMI modes?

The TV is LG OLED65B7V and was set up as per

I have it left on IFS expert (dark room). Had to remember to change the HDR setting on the TV as it has a seperate setup (switch off all the terrible motion settings as it introduces blur and breakup of the picture).

Previously tried the movies directly into the USB on the TV and there were no issues - it was only when I played through the Vero that the banding occured.

Everything is connected through my denon receiver and the only connection to the TV is through HDMI1.

Following October update - nothing else touched and went straight to play a movie and banding now gone.

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