Of airmouse and hdmi on lg tv

I have two issues, using OSMC, latest updated version.

I do not keep my tv on standby, but switch it off completely.
I cannot switch on my Rasp and Tv simultaniously, because the tv does not detect hdmi port. Switching on the Rasp, after switching on my Tv, the hdmi is detected. This is annoying. Is there a solution or setting?

I use an air mouse, which works perfectly well on my LG tv and my other Android box. However, with Rasp and osmc, its unstable. I often have to point sideways, rather than direct to tv set. Sometimes, the pointer changes to an orizontal line, or the whole screen covered with a pink grid!

My air mouse is unstable.
Often, I have to point sideways to point a particular target.
Sometimes, the pointer turns into a big violet grid, covering the whole screen

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