Off screen picture when powering up/powering down AVR

anyone have encouter issues with off screen picture in KODI when powering up/down their AV receiver?

So far, I have an old receiver, without HDMI. Connections was like this:
(video) Vero4k → Samsung UE55J5502 Led TV via HDMI
(audio) Vero4k → old Kenwood KRF-V5070 receiver via optical Toslink.

Few days ago I bought a new one, and now its connected like this:
Vero4k → AV receiver Pioneer VSX-531 → Samsung UE55J5502 Led TV.

As the video+audio signal goes through receiver now by HDMI, I have enabled HDMI passtrough on receiver. So I can watch movies even if I dont want to have 5.1 surround, and TV’s built-in speakers will be enough.

According to user manual, the receiver does HDMI calibration (handshaking?) every time, when it is powered up/down. It looks like a few second screen blink, when you turn it on/off and it happens every time you turn the receiver on/off.

So when I want to watch a movie, I am usually doing this (probably anyone else does it this way):

  1. vero4k is always on, so I just change HDMI input on TV from set-top-box to according HDMI, where Vero4k (through new receiver) is connected
  2. Now I see Kodi’s GUI, I will power up receiver, screen blinks as I described above.
  3. After the picture returns back, its displayed off-screen - its bigger than my TV screen and portions its edges are cut off.

As I tried so far, its pointless to do any adjustment of overscan in Kodi’s display settings, it will not work. After next power up/down of the receiver, the picture is displayed bigger again. So there is need to adjust it every time.

Today, I will do some more tests, but if someone have any info about that, feel free to share :slight_smile:

Are you on the latest version of OSMC?

hello, yes, I have latest one, with applied kernel hotfix regarding “HDMI out of range” problem.

Can you show a log when this occurs?



FYI This happens to me as well.
Latest official release
Vero 4K --> LG SK10Y --> LG OLED65C8

My quick fix on this is: Go to Kodi “Power” then “Quit”.
Kodi restarts and the UI edges are now full visible.

It seems to be a weird month for me…first that audio stuttering which suddenly go away since then, and now this…because also suddenly, it works…screen is no more off, regardless if I turn on/off AVR.
The only thing I did was to enable Picture Fit to screen settings in TV settings.
But its a little weird, because I have tried that yesterday and it appear like it not work.

But I have tested it with logs:
17:23 restart Vero4k with logging enabled, AVR off
17:24 AVR power on
17:25 AVR power off
17:26 AVR power on
17:27 restart Vero4k with AVR powered on

17:28 Here I did a simulation of finished watching movie with AVR
(power off AVR, switch HDMI input on TV to set-top-box, then turn off TV)
…and also what I usually do when I want to watch movie with AVR
(Turn TV back on, switch TV’s HDMI input to AVR , then power on AVR)

17:31 logs uploaded

I have uploaded logs here: