Official Plex addon on RPi2: 1 core to 100%

Hi all,

I’ve started to experiment with a Plex setup on my raspberry pi 2. I downloaded a fresh OSMC image (OSMC_TGT_rbp2_20161224.img), installed the official Plex addon and tried it out.
I am using a 1080p bluray remux (30-40 mbps); that is streaming from a quadcore i7, direct stream.
For the first 1 or 2 minutes, it works perfectly, all cores moderately stressed (<40% or so); but after that, cpu usage of 1 core goes to 100% and the video starts to lag and there is no sound.

To check, I tried with a lower quality file (1080p, ~4mbps), and up till now; everything keeps working. Is there something to fix this? I didn’t have problems on Rasplex, nor on an orangepi with openelec.
I didn’t have a chance yet to try openelec on the raspberry, but that wouldn’t be a solution: I need the flexibility of the underlying debian system on OSMC :slight_smile:

A log would be nice.

The Plex guys may also have some ideas. I don’t have Plex Pass so won’t be able to replicate it here to investigate, but it would be at least useful to know if it occurs under other platforms like OpenELEC.

Here’s the current log:
We’re watching the low bitrate file now, so I hadn’t had the chance to turn on debug logging. It probably won’t be that useful. I’ll upload another log asap.

Unfortunately that’s not a debug log, so I can’t see any clues.

I believe CPython is single threaded (and thus in turn any add-ons).


I uploaded a debug log:

One is the original text (50MB); the other one is the text zipped (5MB).
It took longer to crash this time. I tried to start fresh again; but it hasn’t crashed yet (30 minutes into the movie).