Official Vero4K remote stopped working - pairing unsuccesful


I have a Vero4k that I use with the official remote.

One day the remote just stopped working with the Vero4K, when I press buttons on it the blue led is still working. I’m suspecting a pairing issue because when I lost the connection I was in a room with several other remotes.

I tried to pair it again (Home + OK for few seconds then connect the dongle) but it doesn’t seem to work.

Any idea ?

Post a set of debug logs
What do the lights on the remote look like?
Try pairing in a different room / environment temporarily

The light on the remote is blue and stays when I press Home + OK but after few seconds it shuts off.

I tried to pair it again in another room, yet no result.

What debug file do you want ?

When you try to pair the remote, the dongle is already connected to USB-port?

I guess you can’t pair, when the dongle isn’t connected.