On hard drive but not viewable in "File" section

Hi. I just installed OMSC and am having a problem. My season 9 of The Big Bang Theory is in my library on my Windows Kodi instillation. However if I bring the USB hard drive over to my OMSC installation, I can’t even see the season 9 folder or files in the “File” section. Since they are not in the “File” section I am unable to scan them to the OMSC Kodi library. Any idea why season 9 disappears with OMSC?


I can see nothing special about series 9 - all the files are visible, and playable.
Lacking further information, there’s nothing I can suggest (this sounds like it may be a Kodi question, rather than OSMC).
What filesystem is is stored in?
Are others visible in the same filesystem?
Is there anything different about the names?
Does anything show in the logs?

Thanks Derek,

The only thing different with series 9 is they are MP4. 1-8 are MKV. The MP4 files have AVC Video and AAC audio. The MKV are AVC and AC-3. I can’t even see the MP4 (series 9) on the file system on the Raspberry Pi but the files are visible on the Windows Kodi file sysrem. The USB hard drive is NTFS. The names are identical other than the season and episode. I don’t know how to check the log file.

Just another quick note. I used a program called MKVToolNix and converted all the MP4 (series 9) to MKV but the files were still not visible in the Raspberry Pi file system.

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It almost sounds like a corrupt file system. Try plugging the drive back into your Windows system, and run a chkdsk on it. If that doesn’t work, try creating a new directory, and copy a few of the files to the new directory. Then safely remove the drive from Windows and try it again on OSMC and check if you can see the files in the new directory.

Or, can you ssh into OSMC? If you can, try that and see if you can see the offending directory from the command line.

These are just containers, not codecs. MediaInfo will give you clues. But files should appear, regardless of codec in the list of files.