On playback Vero 4k switches my TV to the wrong HDMI port

Hello all,

Bit of an odd one this, I had it a month or 2 back and a reboot fixed the issue, and a reboot has fixed it this time also, but thought it was worth raising as it’s a pretty odd issue and I can’t see what’s causing it. When it happened yesterday it was first time using the Vero after a reboot.

Basically what happens is, when I hit play on any video content, auto refresh rate kicks in, but it turns my TV to HDMI 1 when we use HDMI 2 (for ARC). HDMI 2 is the only HDMI port plugged in on the TV.

I’m up to date with the March update plus the audio fix for broken bitstreaming though it must have happened back in late Jan or early Feb the first time.



Any ideas?

Do you need CEC at all on the Vero? Means do you use your TV or AVR remote to control the Vero 4k?

Indeed. It’s likely active source signalling causing this

I had this exact same issue once I introduced a sound bar into my system. Turning off all CEC functions in Kodi fixed the issue.

Thanks all.

I was using CEC initially as I didn’t want to use the OSMC remote and hadn’t set up my Harmony. I’m now using the Harmony via Bluetooth so CEC isn’t needed therefore I’ll disable.

Any ideas why it’s so random as to when this pops up? Nothing has changed in my setup so it’s bizarre that it randomly happens.