One quick comment about OSMC

Just wanted to say some nice things!

I hope I can mention openelec here. Anyway i tried it and it is shit compared to OSMC. It is slower, impossible to change things and i found the IRC really rude.

so i tried OSMC. it’s so fast even on my pi1. i love it. I wanted apache2 to try so i tried to apt-get instll it. did not work on openelec but i had it up and runnig on osmc in seconds (had to change kodi port # though). osmc is leaps and bounds ahead and i am surprised openelec has any users at all.

i sent you $10. I hope other people are doing the same. It may be a free project but nothing is quite like it and i know the pi would not be the same without it.

i see the project is run by an illustrious young chap from london. i was there once myself and became quite fond of waterloo in my few months there.

god speed sir


Thanks for the kind words.

Sometimes we get some very hash complaints, and I remind myself that a lot of people only review or make comment on something if it is bad, i.e. there is a silent majority that are happy with OSMC.Nonetheless – it’s sure nice to get a good review.

I am afraid I do not know the area well – it is merely a station to me. Thank you as well for your donation: I always make sure the money gets reinvested in the project one way or another. A few months ago it was in infrastructure, now the focus is back to development. I can’t say much – but you’ll see this summer.


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Awesome i can’t wait. i have already been peaking at git and i see some web browser stuff and app store stuff

just a tip you should make the forum say ‘Donor’ if people donate a certain amount. i know you don’t really ask for donations but i think if everyone chipped in a few bucks it would help you out as well as remind you just how much your work is loved

i feel i speak for everyone when i say OSMC rocks!

Hi Sam,

I have to admit some of the forum messages are rude, unreasonable or just plain stupid. So let me also ship in with my comment:

OSMC is awesome, stable and very well thought thru. I like it and will continue to support you and the project.



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I can only say that OSMC is great. Very fast and usable. The skin still needs work atm but that seems to be on the todo list so no complains at all.
The undelying debian system provides a lot of flexibility and is especially great for people who want to install additional software as RetroPie, hyperion and so on.

Thank you for putting that much effort into this. It is really appreciated.