"Only play GUI sounds when playback is stopped" broken

Hi there,

Running the latest OSMC on a Pi 3. My issue is as per the subject line: GUI sounds are still playing when I click around controls even while a video is playing.

Not sure if this is an OSMC or a Krypton problem.

Thought you’d like to know!


I’m not seeing that here.
“Only when playback stopped” has gui sounds only when playback stopped
“Always” has gui sounds always.
“Never” has gui sounds never.

Do they stop when you set to “Never”?
Anyone else getting this?

just tested this and working as it should…

Hey, here’s the debug log: http://pastebin.com/WhCG3Kvj

The sounds do stop when I set it to “Never”, but return on “Only when playback is stopped”.

When I bring up the OSD during playback and press Back to dismiss it, I get a GUI click sound. (This part starts at 06:51:10.594 in the log. Reading it myself I can’t see anything that points to problem, but I’m not an expert.)

Reboot didn’t fix it. I’ve only noticed it in the last couple days. It does persist across skins (Amber, Estuary, OSMC).

Let me know if any more info would help. Or, y’know, if you just have more important stuff to deal with :wink:


If you want to help narrow it down it might be useful if you test from default settings.
If you rename ~/.kodi to ~/.kodi_back and reboot do you have the problem?

If you don’t can you try setting up any non-default settings you previously had.
Let me know if a specific settings option causes the unwanted behaviour.

When you are done testing you can rename ~/.kodi_back back to ~.kodi.

Got it! Thanks for the suggestion.

The issue is caused by OMXPlayer.

Specifically, enabling the “Allow hardware acceleration - OMXPlayer” setting. Turn that off and the issue goes away.

As a bit of bonus weirdness, the issue only occurs with video files that don’t have passthrough audio.

Hope this helps.

Hello. Was there any further progress on this? It’s hardly a show-stopping issue, I know. It’s just slightly irritating.

Yes, I believe I added the fix to tree a few weeks ago:

I don’t think it’s made into OSMC yet.


I’ve pulled @popcornmix’s RBP backports a few days ago; so it should be in an OSMC update quite soon.



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