OpenVPN Server on osmc

Hi, I have been googling how to install open VPN on raspberry as a server but most of what I could find out was outdated or related to open vpn client instead of being a server
I found one tutoria via readwrite but I got stuck on copying easy-rsa because the latest openvpn doesn’t include that folder anymore.
It will be well appreciated if someone can point me into how to install an openvpn server on Raspberry Pi via osmc based on the latest OpenVPN.

I would be interested to get one running, I’m also stuck at the same point as you, when copying the sample folder.
A new tutorial to get this running would be very helpful.

To get over the sample files error just follow the link.

# apt-get install easy-rsa
# cp -R /usr/share/easy-rsa/* easy-rsa/

Thanks for your response
I was looking for how to install an open VPN server on my pi via osmc but due to rsa problem I have reverted to installing a client VPN instead which is working fine connected to my Tomato router on which I had installed two open VPN servers using “TAP and TUN” protocols.
I installed Transmission on my pi too but I would like to know how to use systemctl to auto run the VPN addon without manually turn it on every time on osmc
If anyone know the needed script and how to run it that would be appreciated

I have succeeded in getting my open VPN client to run automatically without using any script as I thought needed because a script was used in running the transmission.
I read some info from this site and all was up running as I expected