Option to buy Vero4k without the remote?

Is there an option to just buy the Vero4k box without the remote? I already have a Logitech Harmony Remote & Hub so I wouldn’t need the Vero remote.

Unfortunately we can’t do this as the Vero 4K comes sealed.

Ah ok, thx for the timely response Sam. Perhaps in the future can this be an option? I’m sure I’m not the only user out there with a Universal Remote that may not need the Vero remote…it would certainly be nice to be able to save the 16 bucks or however much it costs…

We wouldn’t be able to reduce the price by a significant amount if we didn’t include a remote.

The £16.99 remote price is the RRP of the remote rather than the material costs. By having two separate versions we would probably incur costs that would negate any saving by having to maintain two SKUs

The Vero 4K is currently discounted at the moment