Order Issue

Hey there,

Payment went through but got no order confirmation etc for the order on the 11th Jul. Also sent a email through but also no confirmation from that.

Just wondering what to do in my case where I’ve paid and maybe because I could’ve entered in the wrong email didn’t get the confirmation?

I ordered the OSMC Remote.

Please let me know the correct process or any other info (not that I have much).


Can you send me a PM with your order details (ie expected delivery address) so I can check this out?



I’m not sure how to message directly? There doesn’t seem to be the option when I click your avatar or look at your profile?

Thanks for getting back to me too!


When you click on his Avatar you should get a Message button. But it maybe that you only get that when you joined longer than 24 hours.

Found your order - it’s 35657 for your reference.

You accidentally put gmail.con instead of gmail.com in your email address field, so the email bounced.

It’s shipped. Should reach you in Ireland in a few days.

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Thanks for the help!!!