OS X El capitan not detecting OSMC for airplay videos

There is a new feature of OS X el capitan that allow videos to be streamed over airplay. But when I hit the button it does not detect OSMC. Has someone solved this issue? Is there any other way that I can stream videos (or better the whole screen) in OS X (or Ubuntu)?

This is what I am talking about:


Kodi’s Airplay support does not currently support iOS 9 or El Capitan.

As they seem to do every major yearly release, Apple changed the Airplay protocol, breaking compatibility with all unofficial 3rd party Airplay servers.

This time it looks like they have made some major changes so it could be quite a while (if ever) until Kodi supports it.

I see, that’s a shame. In fact kodi’s airplay never worked well it was always buggy (at least from iOS 8 and over). Is there any other technology like miracast available for doing this? but this time over ubuntu