OSMC 18 on Raspberry pi v2 it's unusable ☹

I’m sorry,
where i can find an oldest version like 17 of osmc, because on raspberry pi v2 the osmc 18.xx it’s unusable, this version have many problems.

better to submit a useful debuglog instead cause its not gonna get better just because you revert


You can download older versions from https://osmc.tv/download; but as @Toast has suggested; it’s better to report your issues here so we can fix them.

Hi, to all,
yes i understand that more reports can help to eliminate error.
But my frustration at the moment is to be able to watch my new movies on my new TV, that’s why I installed the new version, thinking it was stable and working.
In any case, as soon as you install the latest version, 18.2 it is no longer possible to use the channel management as as soon as you try to add TV channels (using simple IPTV client) to a group the program crashes.
After adding the network paths of the music and photo films and creating all the thumbnails, at the first reboot these disappear as if they had never been created.
After seeing at least 3 movies from the disc with blu-ray quality the system crashes.
IPTV channel scrolling is slow and sometimes freezes on some channels for 1 minute or more. The channel change is very long, it takes at least 15 seconds to get the list after pressing back.
The installation of any Add-on crashes the system.
I would add that only the version 18.2 TV channel group management no longer works.
I’ve tried all the 18 versions, none of them is stable.

Some debug logs might help us get you up and running again.


Why is it stable for everyone else? You appear to be the only one with all these issues. If my installation was seemingly the only one affected with issues, I would certainly want to try to get it performing on the same level as others with the same hardware instead of just blindly trashing the software and it’s developers who are all here willing to help you…

Ok guys you convinced me, I reinstall version 18 and I send you all necessary logs.
I hope this action can help you and also me.
Please if you have any more info about the logs level, please tell me now, before I reinstall the new version.
Thanks again

What does this mean? We’ve provided a link in the second post here that gives very detailed instructions on how to provide logs.

Thanks ActionA,
and I’m sorry if I haven’t read the link in Toast’s polite post.
You know, this is your way of answering, it gives me the impression of a dog to which someone has stepped on the tail with one foot.
Therefore, if I caused you any discomfort, forgive me, it was not my intention.

No one has stepped on anything. Though it is difficult to not feel offended when it seems you are calling me a dog… We’re trying to understand you so we can better assist you. I was asking you to clarify the quoted statement or question because it doesn’t make sense to those attempting to help.

Hi ActionA,
it was a way like another to say that in your answers there was a slight unacceptability, to my way of expressing my disappointment. Certainly I didn’t give you a dog, but I can understand that maybe I was not very technical and too direct in my statements.
I would say that after we met / confronted, or better presented, it was time to resolve what I personally found to be a software malfunction.
At the moment I have just finished installing a previous version “OSMC_TGT_rbp2_20180502.img” and I’m trying it.
But in the oven I already have a fast 16GB micro SD card and I’m writing the latest version of OSMC this “OSMC_TGT_rbp2_20190424.img”.
Then I will enable debugging and I will open port 22 in the firewall to also provide access to the raspberry if necessary.
I will also find a system to provide you with access to any files through my website.
I hope it’s enough.

This log is visible when I try to add an IPTV channel to my “MIEI” group. The group was not created at all, because the system stops immediately after moving a channel from “All channels” to my personal group “MIEI”.
LOG PATH: http://www.giacchi.it/kodi.log
ENVIRONMENT: Raspberry Pi v2
OSMC: OSMC_TGT_rbp2_20190424.img
When I get back the TV (currently in my wife’s hands), I can delete the previous log file, and generate a new log of when the system crashes when I try to install any Add-on.

Your link doesn’t work. Please use paste.osmc.io as clearly requested in the link.

Hi ActionA,
for me the link run well as y can see.
I paste the log also on paste.osmc.io, and I push “Save” but really i don’t know how it work.

After you save it, you need to post the link you were given after clicking Save.

Ok this is the link

Get rid of the 1000s of IPTV channels you are loading would be the first thing to try.

same problem with only 100 channels.
Crash when you try to add one channel to your new group.
So you can create a group, but when you try to add one channel to the new group the system crash.


For testing please try with ITPV completely disabled and provide a fresh debug log.

@ik2rlm sorry confused your post, with one in another topic. Could you please provide a fresh debug log with the reduced channel list.

Thanks Tom.

Hi Tom,
thanks for the instructions, but at the moment my wife manage the osmc (running this OSMC_TGT_rbp2_20180502.img and run very well !!) and TV, but when it become free i will do also what you suggest.