OSMC 2015.06-1 and KODI 15 on shared DB

I’m using KODI via OSMC on a raspberry pi and also on my desktop via Ubuntu.
Since the new version incorporating the updates of KODI 15 is not out yet for OSMC, I was wondering, if I could still install KODI15 on my desktop.

The reason I ask is, that they work on a shared DB and thumbnail folder.
I’ve seen that KODI15 is going to be doing some maintenance with the db, so I was wondering, if I should keep pressing the “install later” button on my Ubuntu.

Apparently this came with 15 Beta 2:

Complete video database clean-up session on stored data (no data will be lost). This may take some time on first run.
This clean-up session is a one time action for each device or MySQL database for this 15.0 release.

It’s no problem to wait a bit with the upgrade, if I can ensure a proper database that way :smile:

Thanks, Phil

I’d recommend waiting. Isengard is really not far away for OSMC



Thanks for the quick reply. Ok, I’ll wait then for now.

Cheers, Philipp

Thanks Sam, waiting for new KODI version, I’m in similar situation.