OSMC 21:9 skin on Kodi Matrix (19)

I am wondering if the 21:9 skin is compatible with Kodi 19? The skin I enjoyed for years, won’t load with Matrix.

Thanks in advance!

Works for me. Just select it in the skins menu. No need for messing with zips.

The OSMC Scope skin is shipped as part of Kodi Matrix. No need to download anything



My Kodi 19 install on Shield only pulls from this list Skins | Category | Matrix | Addons -

without having to do a zip - how can I get access to the OSMC skins? (noob here, apologies)


As a follow-up, tried to install from zip and got this message “the dependency on xbmc.gui version 5.14 could not be satisfied” - so, I’m assuming, the skin won’t work yet on the kodi 19.1 on a shield box?

It’s compatible with Kodi 19.1.

Just install the ZIP from GitHub

I did download and try to insall from zip - that’s the message I received “the dependency on xbmc.gui version 5.14 could not be satisfied””

Try this download link for the latest zip from OSMC-scope skin, from github.

Just wanted to report SUCCESS - the link above worked - previously the “latest” version on github was not this version. It was like 5kb larger and worked exactly as advertised.


I’ve checked and the version on GitHub is the latest version. @joakim_s’ link actually points to GitHub