OSMC 30 fps/hz

Why can’t OSMC play movies/video clips with 30 fps?

Every other “fork” of Kodi has always been able to play that.

It does play 30FPS with no problems. Make sure you have Adjust Refresh Rate set to On Start/Stop

No, OSMC can’t play 30 fps without a LOT of stutter… NEVER has been able too.

Kodi windows, OpenELEC, etc etc can do it, but not OSMC

Did you try what I suggested? I play 30FPS material all the time with no problem. Don’t you think that the forums would be flooded with problems if no one could play 30FPS???

Would help to know which device you are playing on, see some logs.

I have been using XBMC since my first xbox.

But still, no matter what movie/porn clip I try with OSMC, 30 fps, it stutter like crazy.

Find a device with LibreELEC/shield tv, no problem.

Yes, I know 30 fps it not that common, and it’s most HD RIP, host host… but still.
I just wonder why OSMC can’t play it.

30FPS is very common. I again ask you: Did you set Adjust Refresh Rate to On Start/Stop?

Upload a set of debug logs so we can see what’s going on.

30fps should be just fine.

Seriously, what do you think? :wink:

Otherwise I would have a problem with ALL 23.976/24 hz movies.

I’ll find another solution…

Just curious why OSMC can’t play it… And never has been able to.

Since you are the only person with this problem, you should do as Sam requested and upload logs so we can try and find the issue. I play 30FPS every day with no problems.

Just upload the logs. We don’t care about the porn…

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