OSMC ; advanced wake on lan via ssh command?

Hi everyone, all what i want is write in the topic. I want to know if it’s possible to use, with a command in ssh, an add-on (advanced wake on lan) to wake up my syno from internet.

You can do this without OSMC

See here;

thank for your fast answer but in your link they talk about another rooter and i don’t want to buy one for let him switch on the whole time. I already open port 9 and 7(nas) and try to do it with my synology but the arp table is flush and after 10min when i switch off my NAS it’s impossible to WOW but wol has no prob. When i use advanced wake of lan(osmc) its work perfectly, but i want to launch it from ssh and i was wondering if it’s possible to do it with a ssh cmd line.

Just want to know how to use my addon Advanced wake on lan with a cmd line in ssh.(if it possible)

The add-on is only for use in the GUI. If you need a way to accomplish the task from command line then you should be searching Google for how to accomplish the task on a Debian system since OSMC is based on Debian.