OSMC Alpha 4 Skin - Progressbar missing

Hello, after installing and using Alpha 4 i’m missing the progress bar in the upper right. I switched to confluence and there the progressbar is still there. it’s nice to have this in order to see, if something is going on. Can you bring this to osmc skin?


Can you try to check for updates in the OSMC settings addon and make sure you are up to date as there was a skin update put out recently. (Since Alpha 4 was released)

If you install updates and you are still missing the progress bar please let us know.

no - still missing - changing skin to confluence instantly shows the progress bar which i don’t see in osmc

by the way - this is considered a bug from my point of view - how do i report bugs?

There is an issue tracker on the github repository where official bug reports can be logged here:

However the devs also read this forum so are aware of the issue with the missing progress bar in the OSMC skin, and it is being worked on.

my question is regarding the future and which way you prefer?