OSMC and car dvd screen

Hi Everybody,

I try to make work OSMC (on my RPI3) with car screen( Lenco 939 )

I’ve modified the config.txt file to be able to use the video jack port of the raspberry but It doesn’t work. I’m not able to have any things except a few frames (like an old TV with bad signal) when I restart the raspberry and a kind of a constant humming noise.

Any idea/configuration I could try to make them work with OSMC?



Do you use the correct cable?
Does it work with raspbian?

Hi @mcobit

I’m using a cable with the correct number of “section” but I’m not sur if it is adapated to the PI (and I don’t know how to check that).

I haven’t try under raspbian, may be it worth a penny to try. I will do the test and come back