OSMC and HDhomeRun stutter

Installed OSMC awhile back using the img Everything has been great since upgrading to 2amp power supply ! HDhomerun ran smooth :slight_smile:

I just coudnt keep well enough alone !!! I installed a new skin NEON and by accident the setting button was removed… So had to wipe the card and start over. I found your new wizard that uses windows to self install OSMC to Sd card wow ! I like that finally someone put it all together :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Here’s my problem after the new install of OSMC the HDhomerun addon the HD channels now studder and the app goes to restart screen.

Should I go back to the old method and use the img install the older version ?

Depends on what’s causing the stutter.
Logs would help

To get a better understanding of the problem you are experiencing we need more information from you. Please see http://osmc.tv/wiki/general/how-to-submit-a-useful-support-request/ for advice on how to help us.


hope this helps

Do you have the MPEG codec installed on your Pi/Pi2?

Do you mean did I get the password from Raspberry Pi to turn it on. Yes I did

Are you sure that your codec/license is enabled?

SSH to your pie and run:
./vcgencmd codec_enabled MPG2

This should tell you if the license was properly installed.

It’s not showing the logs above, but I’m not sure it it should.

Found the problem ! On the new install some how OSMC turned on Deinterlace Video on the settings of HDhomerun addon. That has never happened before. Thanks guys for helping me :smile:

…I use my Hdhomerun expand together with my Raspberry Pi 2 and OSMC, too. HD-Programms don’t stutter although Deinterlancing is on. In my Opinion the HDHomerun Kodi Addon is very buggy.

Because of these Bugs, I made a m3u-File of the channels, wich I can use with Live Tv and the IPTV simple client. This works perfect since a few month.


Do you have a colorful Channel logos and channel guide with that setup ?

Not likely, it’s basically feeding the channel info straight to a plugin, without any overhead. Much faster but no bell and whistle.

The HDhomerun addon they came out with last year sucked. The new one they just added works great ! You also must update your firmware on your Homerun for the new addon to work

…of course I’ ve channel logos. I created a logo-folder, which can be activated in the “Live TV“-settings. For EPG I use the Rytec EPG-downloder, which can be integrated in the IPTV simple client.

In my oppinion all this work better and is more comfortable than the HDHomerun-addon.

Could you point me in the right direction of creating this for my self :smiley:

Is this what you used ?


No, it´s much easier to create a m3u-file from your HDHomerun for the IPTV Simple Client. You don`t need any tools exept an edititor, like Notepad++ and an Internet Browser.

I´ll explain the necessary steps here, when I´m back home tomorrow.


…enter the IP-adress of your HDHomerun-device in your browser. Then press “enter”: Klick on “channel lineup”.

Then right-click on the first channel-number and select “copy link-url”:

…then open an empty editor (e.g. Notepad++) and put in the first 3 lines the followig:

in line 4 paste your coppied url from the first Channel of the “channel lineup”
Do the same with each TV-Channel, you want to add to your m3u-file (each program needs 4 line)

When ready, safe the editor-file, an rename the file-ending from “.txt” to “m3u”

Use a SSH-program like WinSCP to push the created m3u-file to your Raspberry.

Then select your m3u-file in IPTV simple client:

Make a folder of your Channel-Logos and push the folder with WinSCP to your Raspi, too. The Logos shold have .png-format and a size of 200x200 pixels and they must have exactly the same name like your channel-names. In Kodi you go to “System”-“Settings”- “Live TV”-“Menu/OSD” and select the folder with your channel-logos.

For EPG, I use the Jin`s “Rytec EPG Downloader”. Unfortunately, I know the instructions only from the German Kodi forum. Maybe you find some instructions in this thread or somewhere else.
…much success :+1:

Of course my Kodi-devices and my HDHomerun have fixed IP-addresses. SiliconDust strongly recommends to connect the backends and the HDHomerun via LAN to the network for HD-Channel streaming.


Cool ! When I get home will give that a try ! Thank You so much !!!

Really want to get my pi’s flawless so the rest of the family are not bitching at me for getting rid of the STB’s