OSMC and Kodi sometimes hangs at HD Live TV


My Raspi 2 with OSMC 2015.10-1 uses Live TV withe the IPTV Simple Client. For the Live TV I use a SiliconDust HDHomeRun expand DVB-C device with 4 Tuners. Everything works fine so far.

But sometimes aft 1-2 hours the whole systems hangs while watching HD Live TV. The picture freezes and the Raspi 2 can no longer be operated with the IR remote control or with Yatse. I have to restart by power interruption then. This only happens with the HD channels. SD channels are no Problem.

When I watch HD or Full HD movies from NAS and over the network, the problem also does not appear and I don´t have this problem with my other Kodi-devices (Raspi 2 with OpenELEC 5.0.8, Intel NUC with OpenELEC 6.0, HTPC with Ubuntu and Kodi 15.2)

Any Idea?


What overclock setting are you using ? If you are on Turbo try setting it back to normal.

When it hangs, are you still able to log in via SSH ? If so, please try capturing debug logs from SSH:

grab-logs -A


Tanks for your reply :+1:

…yep, it´s overclocked to “Turbo”. I´ll reset it to “Normal”. During the next Freeze I´ll try to connect via SSH and send a debuging log file here.


Hi :smirk:

Problem solved :+1:

OSMC was installed on an USB flash drive so that the Raspberry simply boot from the Class 10 MicroSD card and the rest of the operating system was on the stick. In addition, even a 500 GB hard drive was connected.

Because the Raspi2 100 Mbit/s Ethernet port must share the bandwidth with the USB ports and therefore also with the hard disk and the USB flash drive on which the operating system was installed, OSMC freezed and crashed. I had the same Problem, wenn I installed OpenELEC on an USB flash drive.

Since I have the operating system re-installed on the microSD card completely, the problem has disappeared :yum: