OSMC and Remote MySQL Server - Best practices?

I installed yesterday OSMC and configured a remote mySQL database. It will be the base for my three pi’s and the upcoming vero. In order to test, if everything is fine, i saved advancedsettings.xml and installed osmc from scratch again. i restored the advancedsettings.xml and could perfectly access the database and watch films. But the folders, which were configured before, are missing. so i quess, this information is stored locally. right? this leads me to the question of how to update the database. Should i built one as a master system to update the database (and this one has the information of all mountpoiunts) and the other ones have only access to the database?

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Once you have set up your system you will have two files in your userdata directory which will contain data for Sources (folders).
The two files are:

So you need to copy three files to your next system:

ok, thanks - and update from all? or better from one (lets say master)

You can update from all. No need of master.

ok, so if two boot simultaneously, there database will cover this? (dup entries)

Best Practice would be to only ever update the db from ONE machine… Turn off “update on boot” on all others… You don’t want simultaneous updates happening.

that’s what i thought and guessed, thanks a lot