OSMC and softether + bridgeutils

Hi there,

so far i had raspbian jessie with kodi 16.1 on my pi3 working with softether vpn.

the thing, if i was connected via vpn, i was not able to reach the pi over its internal ip so i had to configure a bridge via bridgeutils.

so, now i want to use kodi 17 on my pi3, because i updated all other kodi devices to 17 (with a centralized database).

so i am trying to use osmc.
i was able to install softether and everything else, but now i am here to configure the bridge.

i installed bridgeutils and added a bridge “br0”.
on raspian i would now change the /etc/network/interfaces, i would kick out eth0 and configure the br0 device, but how will this work on osmc?