OSMC and Squeezelite

I’ve already posted my problem in an older Thread, but with no answer, so i try with a new thread.

I’ve successfully installed squeezelite on my osmc raspi, I can also play sound from my LMS on the Squezzelite (Output HDMI) but for now the output of OSMC (HDMI) on all 5.1 sounds only plays a anoying noise. Stereo outputs works fine, the problem occurs only on 5.1 Movies.

If i disable “Passthrough” i can play 5.1 Video files, but only with stereo sound output.

Is there a setting wich works for both - Squeezelite Stereo output and OSMC Stereo / 5.1 (DTS, Dolby) output on HDMI?

Please describe your hardware and how it is all connected. You are not giving is enough information to understand why you have an issue.

I’ve a Raspberry 3 and installed OSMC and Squeezlite (Install and autostart squeezelite?) - but since i have installed Squeezelite i can not Playback Movies via OSMC with 5.1 Sound (DTS, Dolby) only Movies with Stereo soundtracks works fine.

My Settings:
Raspberry connected via HDMI to AVR
Passthrough enabled

Did you set OSMC audio to 5.1 speaker output? Because you shouldn’t. It should be left at 2.0 with passthrough enabled.

OK, you’re right, i set it to 5.1. I’ll give this a try, Thank you

I’m sorry, also with 2.0 audiosetting i can’t play back movies with 5.1 soundtrack via OSMC since squeezlite is installed.

It seems that the compination of OSMC and Squeezlite on a Raspberry (v3) only works with Stereo output.

Has anyone else the same settings:
OSMC and Squeezelite installed
Output: HDMI for both
OSMC Audio Setting: Passthrough (for Dolby / DTS output)