OSMC animated logo during party mode playlist

I’m using that party mode playlist function to play a random selection of songs.

This first time I start the playlist the animated OSMC logo is displayed onscreen during playback which I’m sure it shouldn’t

If I stop and restart the playlist, the logo is not displayed.

We use that logo to indicate buffering. Have you tried playing from a local source?

Interesting, I’ll test but I doubt that’s the issue as I can play much higher bitrate Blu-ray ISO and 4K video files from the same storage without issue. The logo only appears the first time I start party mode, if I stop and start again, which plays a different selection of songs, the logo does not stay on screen.

I’m still having this issue by the way.

I have to stop and start the party mode play list a second time for the logo to disappear.

I’m confident that it has nothing to do with buffering as I can sustain 1Gbps from my NAS where the music is stored and I have no issues playing back full BD rips.

This is most likely a Kodi issue and has nothing to do with buffering - which would be indicated by a buffering notification dialog. It would be good get some logs to see what triggers the busy dialog you’re seeing and what keeps it running.

Here you go.