OSMC App Store does not open on Raspi1, how to install FTP server from Commandline?


I have done a clean install of OSMC on my Raspi1, and I can access anything,except for the App Store, when I click it in MyOSMC, simply nothing happens.

All I want to do is install the FTP server, can this also be achieved from the commandline via ssh?

From the banner at the top of the forum…

A network outage is currently impacting the OSMC Website, the Download Servers and our App Store. We are working on restoring this as soon as possible and appreciate your patience.

So commandline won’t help you anyway… Patience is the only option at this point…

Thanks, but shouldn’t the app then give theuser a message? I did not expect that network problems make the whole start of the app store fail…

Yes, software should not have bugs, but in this case there is a bug that causes the App store to crash when it can’t reach the servers. This bug will be fixed in a future update but in any case until the servers are back up the App store can’t be used, as not only could the apps not be downloaded, neither could the list of available apps to display for you to select.

Thanks, is it then somehow possible to upload files from my local Windows machine to the raspi using SSH? I use putty, and haven’t figured out a way, so what is an alternative way to upload files?

Have I mentioned that I find it a very bad idea to not have the ftp server included as default, like in RaspBMC (and yes, I read the explanation, but I don’t find it very convincing…)

You could transfer using SMB - but only if you have the SAMBA server installed and configured for your network. Otherwise you’ll have to wait until things become available ( which shouldn’t be too long now)

Use something like WinSCP on your windows computer to upload/download file to/from the Pi. This uses the SSH protocol (Which is enabled by default and you’ likely want to keep enabled) so it removes the need for FTP and the Pi running another protocol.

More secure (Less protocols running and encrypted traffic stream)
Better Pi performance (Pi is doing less ‘stuff’ in the background)

What it is probably not good for is the speed of the transfer as the encryption has a processing overhead.

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I use FileZilla - just connect on port 22 using SFTP.