OSMC as a hotspot that redirects to Kodi web interface

I want to set OSMC on my RPi 3 as a hotspot w/o any internet that redirects all traffic to the Kodi web interface. I have the tethering turned on w/ Ethernet to Wi-Fi set and no ethernet plugged in. I’m able to connect to the hotspot, but how do I access the Kodi interface and how do I redirect all websites to go to it?

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Well did you active the Kodi Webinterface? Did you configure a port for it other than port 80?
In terms of redirecting you would need to either use iptables rules or nginx proxy

Sorry, should’ve been more clear. Yes, I can see the Kodi web interface when I connect it to my network (via ethernet), but I don’t know how to view it while connected to the hotspot. I can’t seem to find what IP OSMC sets when you enable tethering.

Ah you men hotspot only without LAN. That might actually be a case that is not working.

Is it just not supported? Shouldn’t OSMC define a static IP when it creates a hotspot? I’ve tried using hostapd for this, and I had to define a static IP.

It’s very niche – so never really had a lot of time put in to it.
Use static IPs for best results.

Happy to accept PRs on improving default behaviour.


Just did ifconfig and noticed there’s an IP for the tether interface, which is, and that shows the Kodi web interface.

Now I just gotta set the iptable rules. Thanks!

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You will likely notice that DNS resolvers aren’t passed via DHCP; so may need to set that manually.

(Unless you enable DNS proxying)

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