OSMC August update 28/08/2017 issue

Hi All,

I’m new on your community, as I’ve just received my nice box “Vero 4k” . I’ve configured it through the wizard. I made a backup and then launch a manual update. The download and the update step seems to work, but during the update step i encountered a crash (sad smiley). After reboot, kodi seems to be updated as the version is 17.4. But for OSMC the interface the is still August 2017 2017-08.1. I’ve tried several manual scan for update through the interface but no more update.

What i’m doing wrong or mess or not understand ?
Let me know is there are some other check to do or if I have to provide some other information.

Many thanks for your help.
Best regards

I single short sad smiley during the update was a bug that just is fixed in the last update. So you should not get that in the future.

That is the latest update, you are all good.

OSMC get’s monthly updates and this was the August update.

OK. Nice to ear that.
Many thanks for your very quick answer.

Where can I find the image files from this latest update?

On the download image section, the newest one is from July.

I wish to start from scratch with a larger Micro SD card.

Please, let me know.


It takes a few days before images will be available. There should be no issue with installing july and then updating.

As there have been no reports of problems with the latest release, I anticipate having new releases available tomorrow evening.

In the interim, downloading the July release and updating will work fine.

OSMC doesn’t run off the micro SD card on Vero 4K. It runs off the internal storage. There is no benefit of running OSMC off a larger SD card and the eMMC will perform much faster than any SD card you will find on the market.

If you have a need for additional storage I recommend a USB drive instead or a network attached storage solution