OSMC automatically enables TV

I am using osmc to listen music and I notice that sometimes osmc/kodi automatically enables my TV. I don’t know why.

Is there any way to disable automatic TV enabling?

Do you have CEC enabled. Look at those settings? IIRC there is a setting to disable this.

Thank you!

i have also a similar issue… i use the CEC on my LG Smart TV and i have disabled the alimentation switch on TV and the Auto-switch when Kodi it’s start on OSMC but if on tv i stay to watch a different souce (for example on HDMI1 and the pi2 it’s connect on HDMI2) and the Pi2 it’s turned on if a start a reproduction (for example using Yatse from my android smartphone) on TV i obtain an auto-swith to HDMI2.

It’s normal ?

More specific about this example:

  1. Stay to watch on DVB-T Channel on TV… and the Pi2 whit OSMC it’s already turned on (HDMI2)
  2. From my android using yatse i launch a youtube video from addons section

At this point my TV goes obtain a auto-swith to HDMI2… i never this advice this in the pass… it’s a newest feature ?