OSMC black screen problem

Model: Raspberry Pi 2 (B)
Video Output (desired): HDMI
Power Supply: Unknown (was given to me and I dont know)
Memory Card: Sandisk Ultra 8GB (Speed:10)
OSMC version: 2016.07-01 (Installed onto SD card)

Config text file includes:

So my problem is, I followed a guide to install on my raspberry pi 2 B and it installed successfully. However, afterwards my TV screen goes to a black screen and nothing else happens. I cant do anything. Can someone please help me out here.

~Thank You

You’re problem is now that you haven’t given us much info to go on.
What guide did you follow?
What did you consider to be a successful install - did you get to boot up and answer the initial queries about language and time zone?
Did you get anything displayed on your monitor/TV?

Thank you for relying, anyways i used generic guide to install it. This one:

I considered it a successful install when it told me it “successfully installed” (OSMC). Literally told me that. Then i saw the OSMC logo and then it goes to a black screen. Also I don’t even get to the “Select your language” part. The only thing that displays now when powered on is the splash page of OSMC then black screen. I tried multiple HDMI cables all same results. My HD TV is working fine. My raspberry pi is fully powered on.

If there is any other info that i can give please let me know. Thank you.

OK - that’s a good start. Unfortunately that guide doesn’t accurately reflect all the steps, so I don’t know whether you missed some.

  1. it quotes a 5v 1amp PSU - which isn’t that recommended for the more recent Pis, and wouldn’t be considered enough for even the early versions under OSMC.
  2. which installer route did you use (Windows, Linux, Mac …)?
  3. Have you a local network and enough resources to set up a SSH connection, should OSMC be running, but with no display visible?