OSMC boot Problem

Hello. My Problem is that i just installed it on my SD Card, formatted it before. I plugged it in to my pi 2, first boot, install , everything fine. Then blackscreen. I think it reeboots but then my screen says no signal… I tried different osmc versions and even installed it through noobs. Nothing helped i hope You can help me :slight_smile:

Nobody knows ?

If you’ve loaded a fresh install onto the card and you get the same thing each time I would suspect either the card, the pi, or some configuration settings you’ve put in.

Try another card. Also after first boot when everything appears fine, don’t make any configuration changes or alter any settings (particularly not video settings like refresh or anything). Just reboot and see if it comes back up OK,

If it does, then start changing settings, but do regular reboots to make sure one of your settings hasn’t borked it.

Thank you for your help. The pi is new, the sd card came with it ans raspbian worked fine. In my Pc i made all settings right. I mean in first boot when osmc installs in the pi. When it says installed succesfully or something the Screen goes black.

btw the blackscreen comes on first boot after install when in the upper left corner appears “a start job is running”

So… xD I added hdmi_safe=1 to the config.txt and abra kadabra… works… lol