Hi ,
I have a Sony Bravia 2014 model. A Rasberry Pi 2 with the lastest 15.2 osmc/kodi installed.
When i am searching for cec devices on my tv it will not find the rasberry pi 2. My playstation 4 has been found and working correct.
I connected my hdmi cable in the rasberry and still nothing.
I connected my hdmi from rasberry to playstation and also working .
Conclusion , HDMI ports and cables are compatible for CEC.
I am looking for configuration options in the config of kodi or osmc settings to turn it on or check that it is on, or maybe some other settings to play with. But i can not find any settings for Cec in osmc? is there any setting or am i looking with my bud.?

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Hi Thanks for the response .
I did go into kodi and to settings and system as suugested.
I my version the screen is blank in that menu but if i click once then there was comming the menu with options.
However i changed and played arround but no luck, after reboots its tell everytime it can not initialize the cec adapter.

I went to programs- addons system and go into the main app of osmc, there under display i found the option Ignore pulse eight cec. was on.
I swithed the ingore to off and then walla , it was working!!! many thanks.
Not sure why it is in ignore in the first place but guess it has been once a choice for programmers to do so.

CEC support is enabled by default so something you have configured at some point must have turned it off.

That is correct , it was the configuration drift of my son.