OSMC corrupted 2 SD cards

So i been trying to install OSMC today, with no luck.

I tested both SD cards before hand and both booted up NOOBS without any issues, after installing OSMC onto the SD cards using the Ubuntu installer (which was successful) it then failed to boot up the raspberry pi. Red light on pi and nothing displayed on screen.

This is when there are corrupted, if i unplug the power they are corrupted but i cant access the Pi since its failed to boot, so i cant shutdown safely.

a 64gb SD card and a 8GB sd card now read only (8gb corrupted trying to fix)

The OSMC installation tool see’s them fine and even says it successfully install OSMC onto them, however i cant format them or use them now.

What can i do?

Edit: Raspberry pi working before hand and working after with Raspbian with older SD card.

Are you certain you are not trying to install Rpi1/2 software on an Rpi3 or vice versa? This would be the expected behavior if you were doing so.

There is no reason that you shouldn’t be able to recover these cards for re-imaging.

This doesn’t sound like corruption. Have you definitely selected the correct version?