Osmc crashes and start problems


i am using a raspberry pi3 with osmc (latest version).
My Media are stored on a Nas-Box in my local LAN. I connect to my Nas via smb(using user/password)

With osmc update from february17 i have some strange problems.

  • Sometimes osmc crashes without logfile enty when using Bbluetooth audio over my BoomBox
  • Sometimes osmc crashes when scrolling over my 250 Film long Videolist(using fanart and covers)

then osmc hangs in a reboot-loop. after several reboots osmc is starting again, but my latest changes(like file-edits or so are lost)

i did many new installations, but all with the same strange problems. i used 2 different sd-cards -> no effect.

here my logs:

maybe someone can help or give me some ideas?

thx and regards

This rather looks like a PSU problem. Do you by chance have one other power supply around and can test it out?
Had the same behavior with a PI and a Vero 2 not too long ago.

What gave it away is, that as soon as you start something that drains a little bit more power, it became unstable.

i switched to another powersupply -> i think probs are solved.
osmc is running stabile and smooth.

thanks a lot.

Cool :wink: :+1:
This happens way more often than it actually should!