OSMC crashes when TV is turned off

My Raspberry Pi B+ model has a wired connection to my home LAN. No WLAN.
A Loewe TV is linked to the HDMI port. No other link.
This setup has been running successfully for around half a year with RASPBMC/Kodi.
I have used the Raspi as a Media Center very frequently without any trouble.

In order to have the latest version of Kodi, I installed OSMC on the same device ( and same SD card).
Since then, the Raspi crashes when I turn off the TV. That happens in almost 90% of cases.
To me it seems that OSMC is more sensitive to the HDMI port than RASPBMC was. Am I wrong?
When I switch the TV on again, the screen is black and I have to restart the Raspi by taking power off and on.
There are no crashes when the TV stays on the HDMI port.
In the settings I tuned “HDMI to file” On, but that did not improve the situation.
Anything else that I can try?

you could upload a crash log

Are you sure it’s crashing and not just shutting down? Maybe it’s a CEC-related setting. Try going to Settings>System>Input devices>Peripherals>CEC Adapter and check the settings there. Specifically check that “When the TV is switched off” is set to “ignore”.

Also try pinging or logging into it with SSH when you think it has “crashed”, if you can, it has not crashed, and some troubleshooting can be done to find out why there is no picture.

Yes, this Parameter “When the tv is Switched Off” is set to “ignore”

It is not possible then anymore to Ping the Raspi.

How is the Pi being powered ? Not from the TV I hope…

Have you tried a different power adaptor for your Pi ? A different HDMI cable ?

The Pi has a 2000mA Power Supply. That Should not be a Problem.
I can try to use a different HDMI cable. Even though that was working fine for the past months.
Btw: where do I find the log file?